About New Practice Platform

We have built a new tool to revolutionize the way children learn mental arithmetic and develop fast mental calculation skills! With our brand new application, students will be transported into a world of excitement, learning and earning virtual money.

Imagine yourself as a student at your Menar Center learning mental arithmetic and working to build mental calculation skills. The teacher introduces a new online application to you and all students are registered on this new practice platform.

You login the platform at home and start a practice test. The application automatically brings tests at your level. As soon as you finish the test, your money safe appears on the screen and a hand starts dropping some coins into your safe. You see the hand and the coins, you hear the clinking sound as each coin falls into the safe. Exciting, isn’t it? Actually, the hand drops as many coins as you have earned from that test. You do some more tests and the hand keeps on dropping more coins into your money box upon completion of every test.

You can see your scores and the graphic representation of your performance and progress on the tests page. You click on your homepage. There, you see how many coins you have earned in this session. You also see how many coins accumulated in your account upto this moment.

You may continue doing more tests and earning coins or you may decide to stop for today and continue tomorrow. Eventually, you log out. But wait. Even though you have clicked the logout button, the money safe appears again and the hand drops more extra coins into your safe just as an additional reward for the time you have spent practicing with the tests. Then you are logged out. Isn’t that fantastic?

This way, more and more coins are deposited into your safe everyday. Having completed one week, when you are starting the new week, you are surprised to see some more coins deposited into your account as an extra reward for practicing regularly everyday of the past week.

What if your school administration announces that they will give intresting prizes to the top coin savers (coin monsters) at the end of the school year? Now, you imagine you can save thousands of coins till that time. Wouldn’t you feel excited to rush home after school everyday, login the platform and solve as many tests and earn as many coins as possible everyday?

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